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The problem is that patches get into core and there is no problem in it that you can only report the issue. Maybe someone else thinks it's a good idea and work on it.
And the severity and the usage depends on that. I still have a major issue that isn't solved yet since I spent my time differently and other people don't see the issue.

I hope that your list also includes things that don't matter like vagrant. WordPress is a CMS system and we help out in making that better. Things like best practices can be discussed on this list but sure not on trac.
A thing as training is a nice one and there is a site for that: http://make.wordpress.org/training. But as you can see there wasn't a lot of reactions. Partly because of bad timing. I'm hoping to get that on track soonish.

I can understand that you want to talk about all kinds of stuff related to WordPress and if the platform doesn't exists it doesn't mean it fallbacks to the forum for example.
That for me would be talking about multi server WordPress sites. There isn't a good platform for that and that is a pain sometimes.

So on core I listen to everyone and a lot of people do that. PHP skills doesn't matter that much since we all started at the beginning and people like me are at a certain level because of the help of others.
I can understand more why people have hard issues contributing back to UI for example. It's almost impossible to do and partly because it effects a lot of site's.

Op 2 mei 2013, om 14:42 heeft Kevinjohn Gallagher <kevinjohngallagher at hotmail.com> het volgende geschreven:

> In terms of code, I totally hear what you're saying :)
> But sometimes [people like me] point out things that are not code issues. Processes, testing, MVC, methodology, release schedules, communication, project management, training, digital security, best practices, CI, Vagrant, Sonar code coverage, etc etc.
> I am often reminded of this reply to a comment by the truly wonderful Andrea_r:http://kevinjohngallagher.com/2012/01/listening-core-skill-learning/
> WP is awesome, and obviously I love it.  It's growing, and changing, and while thats really really great - we need to be able to communicate some of those growing pains and the expectations of clients with real world examples without being met with "I can't hear you over your lack of patches in Trac".
> I'm totally ok if my opinion on something doesn't resonate with the core team, or the community - [people like me are] not expecting [our] voice to be louder than others - but the idea that what we're saying has a diminished intrinsic value due to my lack of PHP skills is just daft.
> Have a great weekend everyone.
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>> On 01.05.2013 19:28, Kevinjohn Gallagher wrote:
>>> "I'm sorry, but I can't hear you over your lack of patches in Trac." - Scott
>>> This is where the WP community starts to become a tad difficult - especially for those of us who are not developers.I'm not a developer, so does that make my use cases any less relevant or accurate?We're running a WP install in a FTSE10 company. Should I not report issues here because I can't code PHP? Or does my experience here not count?
>> At the end of the day, the idea needs to turn into code. Somebody needs 
>> to write it. It doesn't matter how big the interested company is if 
>> noone codes a patch (+ testing + maintenance + ...).
>> Of course your experience counts, but who do you expect to code the program?
>> Next best to coding ability is money. If the patch is profitable for the 
>> company, then maybe they should pay to outsource the programming. Then 
>> you would have code to post to Trac + you can contribute all the 
>> domain-specific knowledge you have from management POV to make sure it's 
>> implementing the right thing.
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