[wp-hackers] Access to update plugin & giving credit to original author

Paul Menard paul at codehooligans.com
Sat Sep 24 11:59:05 UTC 2011

On Sep 23, 2011, at 9:17 PM, Mike Bijon wrote:

> No response from the author in a week after trying contact. Will the
> WordPress team grant me access to the original plug-in to publish the
> update?

Really? Just a week? Most plugin authors are busy working on other paying projects. Sometimes we just let the 'noise' on the plugin requests fall so we can concentrate on other things. There should be some other criteria for handing over control to someone else's project. If at all. 

I would like to see some method via the repo admin interface where a plugin author could relinquish control of a plugin. Then it could be listed somewhere within wordpress.org so that others can 'take over' support or add enhancements. Of course I would also like to see a filter on the search such that I can show only current plugins and not include all the older plugin that have not been updated for years and are not compatible with the specific version of WordPress I'm working in. 


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