[wp-hackers] Site Address during development

Ryan Bilesky rbilesky at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 17:03:57 UTC 2010

I have to disagree with whoever said that instering the domain at runtime
would be "solving a problem that does not exist".  It is a problem, it may
not be one that occurs often but it is a problem.  And may even occur for
regular users of wordpres if they decide to ever change their domain name
for any reason.  Now they could just export their content, import to a new
site, but thats extra work they shouldn't have to do.

It is quite redundant to be storing the domain all those times in the
database and does make more sense IMO to just store the relitive path and
pull the domain value from wp-config.  And look at it this way, even though
it might add a little tiny bit of overhead, it also shrinks the size of the
database (albeit not by much, but that can add up on a large site and doing
so doesn't add that much overhead).

My vote is to use the domain from wp-config.

On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 9:46 AM, Andrew Gray <andrew at graymerica.com> wrote:

> I would like to put my vote in for a WP wide method for inserting the
> current domain name on runtime.  I am not worried about the overhead, and It
> could very easily be made into a option or even a config value that has to
> be hard coded in WP Config.  I would be more than happy to write the patches
> for this if there was a chance that it would be accepted into the core.
>  This would allow plugin developers to hook into it for their plugins.
> ErisDs,
> Would you be willing to provide your script to be used as part of our
> development plugin.  Mike S and I are going to build a plugin to handle all
> these use cases and I would like to see what you are doing,
> thanks,
> Andrew
> >>
> > I have a script I add to every WP project, which I can run each time I
> push
> > changes to a different server. It's very basic but it works.
> > At the end of the day, the script is written now and it takes me an
> > additional 30 seconds to run it each time I push, considering all the
> > things WP offers, this is hardly a deal breaker!
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