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Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Fri Sep 3 09:52:02 UTC 2010

Just curious here but couldnt the WP_Embed be used like it is for the 
youtube video's that automatically get code generated for them?

/wp-includes/js/tiny-mce/plugins/media/js/media.js  .. doesn't that auto 
inject the proper code for media like flash/flv/shockwave/qt etc.. couldn't 
that be made to do the same for an image?

Maybe not, for those who do not have javascript enabled, bleah.  okay moving 

I'm not seeing an easy solve in core.   Because relative will simply just 
not work between subdirectory installations of wordpress and root 
installations they will still have the same situation.

HOME: http://siteurl.tld/
RELATIVE:  /wp-content/uploads/2010/09/myfile.jpg

Is different then this:
HOME: http://siteurl.tld/wordpress
RELATIVE: /wp-content/uploads/2010/09/myfile.jpg

^ Take into consideration that HOME is not attached inside the <img src=" 
the / in the front would bring it back to the root not finding the file, so 
back to square one.

Can't do it with the javascript above because then your leaving out the 
fallback to those without javascript.

What if it was done with [url][/url]  shortcodes instead? then it's still 
added overhead parsing every content that goes through with every user, 
while it may seem minimal it still taxes even if its .003% increase.

I highly doubt anyone will go for the extra overhead, seriously; trying to 
cut down the processing not add to it.

So the end result?  The best result?

The plugin that was linked to earliar where everything currently stays the 
same and when you move your data from one location to another you basically 
just run it once and it fixes every links in content of posts, there, it's 
done and you don't have to worry about it and have the overhead.  -- which 
in turn fixes any RSS feeds since they're generated from the content.

I am frustated at it too, until I learned how easy it was to just 'fix' it 
with a quick pass with the plugin.

- Phil

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> Mike,
> Respectfully, if you had followed this thread yourself you would have
> seen that the email you quoted wasn't from myself - plus that the reason
> you gave has already had a counter-argument put against it.  ;)
> We all understand that RSS needs absolute URLs, but surely WordPress
> core could use the wp-config.php or admin area settings when building
> the URL within feeds, or anywhere an absolute URL is needed?
> Yes, adds to overheads, but only very, very, very nominally.
> Gav
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>> I guess what's kinda irritating about this, is the "why", rather than
> the
>> "how to solve".
>> It just doesn't make sense why absolute URLs are embedded everywhere.
> Gavin,
> If you had followed this thread you would have already seen the answer:
> You *have* to have absolute URLs in RSS feeds and other non-browser
> situations, otherwise images, and especially podcasts would break,
> because
> the content is not being consumed in the context of the site and a
> browser.
> Mike
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