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Respectfully, if you had followed this thread yourself you would have
seen that the email you quoted wasn't from myself - plus that the reason
you gave has already had a counter-argument put against it.  ;)

We all understand that RSS needs absolute URLs, but surely WordPress
core could use the wp-config.php or admin area settings when building
the URL within feeds, or anywhere an absolute URL is needed?

Yes, adds to overheads, but only very, very, very nominally.


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On 3 September 2010 09:52, ErisDS <erisds at gmail.com> wrote:

> I guess what's kinda irritating about this, is the "why", rather than
> "how to solve".
> It just doesn't make sense why absolute URLs are embedded everywhere.
If you had followed this thread you would have already seen the answer:

You *have* to have absolute URLs in RSS feeds and other non-browser
situations, otherwise images, and especially podcasts would break,
the content is not being consumed in the context of the site and a

Mike Little
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