[wp-hackers] Deployment process (was Exporting Menus)

Vid Luther vid at zippykid.com
Wed Sep 1 13:13:31 UTC 2010

 This looks really cool, I'm following the project now, I had question on how you handle multiple clients? is it a fork/clone per client, and you modify the config.yml?

I'll be playing with this sometime this weekend.  I've been meaning to see git sub modules in action, one of the things my clients won't like is their specific themes
up on a public github repo, but this is giving me some really good ideas on how I can deploy themes.

On Sep 1, 2010, at 7:56 AM, Tom Adams wrote:

>> I've been working on this solution using Ruby/Capistrano, my project is on Github (http://github.com/vluther/Autopress) my workflow is not perfect, but it's getting closer to how
>> I want it, I'd love it if people can help more.
> *capistrano high-five*
> http://github.com/dxw/wp-capistrano
> The README should be self-explanatory, but to summarise you just need to copy a
> couple of files into your wp-content, edit lib/config.yml, and then run "cap
> deploy" or "cap production deploy", for instance, for production. (The README's
> a few days out-of-date in the "modules" section, but other than that it should
> provide a good starting point.)
>> I'm trying to find other people who are doing something similar, or have better methods that I could incorporate, I picked Capistrano/Ruby for this
>> as it's a very mature environment compared to Phing, plus people don't need to sacrifice anything to get PHP + SSH working on OS X :).
> I took a look over Autopress. From the looks of it it's very minimal compared
> to wp-capistrano. I have a more complex setup because each project's root
> repository is at wp-content (the theme and individual plugins are all
> submodules). Also, wp-capistrano will automatically convert SASS to CSS, set
> up wp-super-cache for you, handle shared uploads/plugins directories, etc..
> If anybody's interested in this I'd love any feedback you can offer.
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