[wp-hackers] Deployment process (was Exporting Menus)

Tom Adams tom at thedextrousweb.com
Wed Sep 1 12:56:08 UTC 2010

> I've been working on this solution using Ruby/Capistrano, my project is on Github (http://github.com/vluther/Autopress) my workflow is not perfect, but it's getting closer to how
> I want it, I'd love it if people can help more.

*capistrano high-five*

The README should be self-explanatory, but to summarise you just need to copy a
couple of files into your wp-content, edit lib/config.yml, and then run "cap
deploy" or "cap production deploy", for instance, for production. (The README's
a few days out-of-date in the "modules" section, but other than that it should
provide a good starting point.)

> I'm trying to find other people who are doing something similar, or have better methods that I could incorporate, I picked Capistrano/Ruby for this
> as it's a very mature environment compared to Phing, plus people don't need to sacrifice anything to get PHP + SSH working on OS X :).

I took a look over Autopress. From the looks of it it's very minimal compared
to wp-capistrano. I have a more complex setup because each project's root
repository is at wp-content (the theme and individual plugins are all
submodules). Also, wp-capistrano will automatically convert SASS to CSS, set
up wp-super-cache for you, handle shared uploads/plugins directories, etc..

If anybody's interested in this I'd love any feedback you can offer.
Tom Adams
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