[wp-hackers] Should anybody help to me confirm a bug in wpdb?

Haulyn Jason haulyn at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 11 06:35:10 UTC 2010

Hi, all:

I found an insert issue in wpdb, but I am not sure is it a bug.
I design an array and invoke wpdb to insert query.

$data =array( 'name' => $name,
'start_point' => $start_point,
$data_format = array( '%s','%s','%s' ) ;
$wpdb->insert( $spider_rule_table_name,$data,$data_format);

I am sure $name, $start_point, $pagination_rule are all validated. The insert 
works well, but the column pagination_rule always got value '0'.

I echo $data['pagination_rule']after the insert, echo $wpdb->last_query,
I am sure $data['pagination_rule'] is validated, and the record stored. But the 
value for column 'pagination_rule' has changed to '0'.

Is it a bug? Or something others I missed?


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Haulyn Jason


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