[wp-hackers] help with overlapping lists

Khaleel Abdul Karim webmaster887 at gmail.com
Sat May 8 03:31:06 UTC 2010

I was trying to make a list of pages on my plugin
<LI>*Root Page1*<UL><LI>*Sub page1*(1)</LI><LI>*Sub page2*(1)</LI><LI>*Sub
<LI>*Root Page2*<UL><LI>*Sub page1(2)*</LI><LI>*Sub page2(2)*</LI><LI>*Sub
........ and so on

HTML comes in this manner > but the problem with me is the second
*<UL>*comes overlapped on the first
How can I overcome this .. Please help me that I am very poor in CSS and
designing ..
Thanks in advance... :-)

Khaleel Abdul Karim

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