[wp-hackers] reset &send user pass

24/7 24-7 at gmx.net
Thu Feb 25 18:53:52 UTC 2010


i´m currently searching for a sollution on how to reset & re-send a user
password. In my case WP is used as a CMS for an event, which we make twice a
year. So i made a slick jquery sortable table in my custom admin-interface
to list and change user-data with ajax on the fly. The only thing which i´m
still missing is to code a function to send the password to the user. Du to
the fact, that the pass is a salted md5-hash, i have to reset them too.

I hope anyone of you can lend me a helping hand on this, because i don´t
even a point to begin..

Thanks a lot!


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