[wp-hackers] Some Thoughts/Enhancement Ideas In AndAround TheCategory Side Of Things

Mark McWilliams admin at wpkid.com
Wed Feb 17 15:06:34 UTC 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010 3:34 AM mark waterous Wrote:
> Custom taxonomies should work like namespaces. If you have three 
> taxonomies,
> such as 'Post', 'Category', and 'Links', these are by definition three
> separate entities. Under any of these you should be able to repeatedly use 
> a
> single slug (since each should act as its own namespace), such as
> 'custom-entry'.
> Now you have three urls;
> http://yoursite.com/post/custom-entry
> http://yoursite.com/category/custom-entry
> http://yoursite.com/link/custom-entry
> These are easily readable, no they're not 10 characters long, but who 
> cares.
> They also readily define what you're looking at. The first is a post, the
> second is a category, the third is a link.
> Now we remove these. Your url is http://yoursite.com/custom-entry which
> makes a couple people happier. How does WordPress tell whether you were
> looking for the post custom-entry, or the category, or the link, or any
> number of possible custom taxonomies? I guess what we should be really
> arguing here is the fact that WordPress doesn't have psychic abilities in
> the core.
> The fact of the matter is right now you have to use a unique slug,
> independent of what taxonomy the object belongs to. This doesn't mean we
> should further break the system by adding unnecessary functionality.

Ah, see, if you'd been following, we're not exactly on about removing /post/ 
/category/ or /link/ as in your example, we're on about aftually MAKING USE 
of those areas, which will just 404 if you visit them at the present 
moment! - Oh yeah, that's exactly what we're after, psychic abilities built 
into the core! #sarcastic 

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