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| Wednesday, February 10, 2010 7:27 PM Mike Schinkel Wrote:
| > Bottom line, a site publisher will be better off if they have control to
| > optimize their URL structure.  One of WordPress' biggest current
| > weaknesses is the difficulty of control URL structure.
| At the end of the day, you want to setup your site so that it appeals to
| visitors, and is easy to navigate for them! You don't want to link to
| /category/announcements/ in the navigation, you want to like to
| /announcements/ which is just common sense. So yes, it's one of WP's current
| weaknesses! :(

And another one is the lack of a powerful menus generator, but let's not offtopic the thread :P

Because of the complexity of the core code, it's hard to expand permalink features, it's as if we had to fix something that 
shouldn't need a fix.

We can remove cat base, but only if we have few cats and pages. It's not expandable.

I believe everybody already read a famous post explaining that a badly formed permalink structure makes Wordpress start storing 
permalinks inside wp-options, which is pretty much the table idea I said, but instead of a table it uses a row, which is also not 

Custom Permalink plugin can be used to fix that, but it also uses wp-options for taxonomy, it's ugly how it must load an array, edit 
it and store it back. Also not expandable, it is only a solution for exceptions. And I also doubt it's able to run prior to rewrite 

We need a simpler and dry base to work upon. With this complex permalink code, if something is against what we want we hardly can 
change it.

BTW, I have an abandoned plugin related to this subject I need help to fix, I'm gonna start a new thread for it :)

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