[wp-hackers] Some Thoughts/Enhancement Ideas In And Around TheCategory Side Of Things

Mark McWilliams admin at wpkid.com
Wed Feb 17 14:58:31 UTC 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010 1:52 AM mark waterous Wrote:
> It doesn't matter which group anybody is in. Neither is of more or less
> benefit than the other. The difference is so minute, and the arguments so
> hashed over that I'm bowing out of this conversation after this.

So it might not have been the perfect set of examples to show, but then if 
some people don't understand what I've been saying throught this thread, 
then no wonder you're going to think it's small and stupid!

I think what you're referring to is a *discussion* and not exactly an 
argument that's been 'so hashed over' as you put it. Shame you don't want to 
carry on the discussion, but that's your choice, I'm not going to stop you! 

> My point was simple: Your visitors should have NO need to be trying to 
> find
> pages on your site by altering the URL they are currently visiting. By
> 'your', just to be clear on this, I mean anybody who runs a web site, not
> just you and Mike. If a visitor has to alter the URL in any way to find a
> page, then your site has failed in providing an adequate navigation
> structure to begin with, and no amount of user friendly control over the 
> is going to save your visitors from leaving.

Sorry, but that makes no sense whatsoever. When did I ever imply that was 
the case, I'm on about /category/ and /custom-taxonomy-term/ only, nothing 
about users having to alter the URL they'd like to visit, that's just 
getting away from the original point of this!

> As many people have pointed out, if this is that important to you, create
> some rewrite rules or a plugin to provide the functionality you require. 
> The
> reason it is discussed for this long is not because the larger majority of
> WordPress users out there want it, it is because a small crowd of 
> dissidents
> won't stop arguing the same points OVER and over and OVER again.

Like I said further above, it's called a DISCUSSION, when people discuss 

Fact is, I wouldn't know where to start, but going by what your saying, 
anyone who has an idea should create a plugin for it themselves, I'm not 
even going to get into a debate about this, except from saying, not everyone 
has the experience or ability to code! 

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