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| This debate has encompassed well over half of the posts on the list lately,
| and I'm not entirely sure how it's been let go on this long. Having
| /category/ in your URL does NOT affect your SEO. If that's the entirety of
| your SEO strategy, you need to go back to your books and start studying
| again. Having /category/ in your URL does NOT affect your sites navigation.
| Period.

This is not related to SEO. It's related to anybody being or not able to use anything he wants on his URL.

If you have a client, he is paying you to have a wacko URL structure. He wants that and if you don't do so he'll look for another 
professional. What to do?

There shouldn't even need a reason, we should be able to use anything we want. Even if it's ugly or bad for SEO.

The site is mine and I wanna structure it as I want. We shouldn't be forced to use a useless (for us) string just to solve somebody 
else needs. Wordpress shouldn't limit our possibilities. Period :P

| If your visitors are having to rewrite the URL and guess at what may or may
| not lead them to a new section of the site via personal attention to said
| URL, you have failed at designing your site. This is not WordPress' fault,
| this is your fault. 100% of a web sites visitors should not have to rely on
| browser supplied navigation techniques to traverse your pages, regardless of
| their technical knowledge.

Yes, ppl should be presented with links to all resources they want and not need to browse the URL.

But it also doesn't give Wordpress premission to force us to use a larger URL than needed just because how it detects what a URL is 

Wordpress  techies shouldn't also be excuse to limit what we wanna use.

| There are far more important things that the WordPress core developers could
| and should be working on than this.

Agreed too. So just take the code out from the core and pass it to a Core Plugin, and they won't need to worry with it anymore ;)

| My site URLs could be all written in a dead language, and it shouldn't
| matter to my visitors.

But if it has a meaning and we can structure it anyway we want, much better!

See, we should have the freedom to use anything we want. Who is satisfied should remain so, and who is not should have an easier way 
to implement what they need.

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