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Mon Feb 15 21:05:07 UTC 2010

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From: "Mike Schinkel" <mikeschinkel at newclarity.net>
Sent: Monday, 15 February, 2010 5:22 PM

| By your same logic a computer operating system vendor would be a
| failure if their GUI didn't meet everyone's needs and they also provided
| a command line, right?

I'd not say a failure, since it depends more on the marcket situation.

But if it could, much better. And for sure if there was another software with the same quality, with no disadivantages, and with the 
extra feature, MAYBE it would win because of that.

| > | After thinking about this a bit, I'd like the through out the following
| > | trawman: why don't we consider deprecating wp_terms and using
| > | p_posts with a post type of "taxonomy_term" instead?  That would
| > | ddress numerous concerns; streamline URL routing for taxonomy as
| > | well as give taxonomy terms descriptions and meta data.  Hmmm?
| >
| > Do you mean, do this change to to make URL parsing easier?
| Yes, but also to add all the features of posts to a taxonomy term, i.e. most importantly a description but also categories, tags, 
URL routing, and more.  It is basically what Matt suggested to me that they want to do to replace Links so it seems to make sense 
for Taxonomy too.

I wasn't able to understand how exactaly this idea will fit in permalink, but if it makes permalink easier to expand an enhance with 
plugins, that could work.

And with custom taxonomy taking popularity, I'm pretty sure some day somebody will want something that will require or be easier to 
do with taxonomy metadata :P

It's interesting how Wordpress and Drupal seem to merge in features. Wordpress had post metadata for long time, while Drupal 
depended on CCK module. Last time I read about it they were gonna add part of CCK as a core module, maintained by core devs, and 
only its UI would remain an independant module.

Now Wordpress also gets custom post type and custom taxonomy. :D

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From: "Stephen Rider" <wp-hackers at striderweb.com>
Sent: Monday, 15 February, 2010 11:52 AM

| Feel free to submit a patch that "just removes the problem so that the
| fix is not needed anymore".  Oh, and doesn't break anything on
| existing installs.

For sure I would if I was skilled enough to :(

If I was, I'd create a database updating code that would feed the new table with all permalinks during Wordpress update, so nobody 
would note the difference.

But of course it would require a long time of deprecation trasaction period, and a lot of testing before releasing to public :p

If we are talking about a final solution, I doulbt it would be doable for a unique developer.

| It's great to talk about what you want, but somebody somewhere has
| to code it.  Thus the debates about how important it is, so that
| somebody somewhere decides its worth actually doing.

Yes, in my theme I changed a XHTML 1.1 incompatible function for a custom one that generates valid code, and today I submited a 
patch for it.

And in my orphaned plugin issue, I just found out that the easier way to solve it would be adding a new filter hook to core, which I 
also created a ticket suggesting.

This would avoid the need of creating a new rewrite tag, because we could just custom how core tags are handled.

Now I'm testing my modded plugin with and without the hook to see how it behaves :)

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