[wp-hackers] Some Thoughts/Enhancement Ideas InAndAroundTheCategory Side Of Things

Mark McWilliams admin at wpkid.com
Sun Feb 14 17:42:20 UTC 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010 6:01 AM Hikari Wrote:
> Let's say a site that has no pages and has categories in higher
> priority than normal (remember those themes that list categories
> instead of pages in menu), then we don't need to add pages to
> URL parsing.

Yup, I did follow what you was saying, and like I said I agree! :)

> A plugin could be developed to solve that need, removing page
> parsing, removing pages reference from admin UI and so on. And
> of course removing cat base, and everything would be set.

I'm sure an option could be built into WordPress, instead of a plugin, thus 
further enhancing the CMS and making it more powerful! It might be you have 
1 page setup, call it /contact/, well that can be 'hardcoded' in being the 
only page setup on the site? :) 

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