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| >> | Bottom line, a site publisher will be better off if they have control
| >> to
| >> | optimize their URL structure.  One of WordPress' biggest current
| >> | weaknesses is the difficulty of control URL structure.
| >
| >I agree with that.
| And I'd agree with that statement too, only in certain aspects though, cause
| at the moment WordPress does a pretty good job! :)

It does a pretty good job when its job is what you need.

If you want a category other then the one with lowest ID in the permalink, what will you do?

| > Wordpress advantage is that, if we wanna change permalink structure,
| > we can do so once and get all our pages updated, and with the help of
| > a plugin also have old permalinks 301 redirected to new ones.
| Yes, I do like how we can change the permalink structure virtually with the
| click of a button, and we dont need to go pasting certain code in the
| .htaccess file, I can't fault that!

me too :)

Something I hated in Drupal is how we must set everything up before start adding posts. Because any change, even in configs, will 
only reflect in posts done after that change. And fixing stuff is damn hard on it!

| > But that also makes it harder to get our permalinks the way we want.
| > Drupal's URL Alias is clean and simple, and Pathauto enhances it for
| > what we need. Its problem is that, when Pathauto generated permalink
| > is not what we want, then we must type our desired permalink.
| I have never used Drupal before, so can't comment sadly! :(

I've used it and I was happy when I get back to Wordpress without starting any site over it. And even happier when I developed a 
theme with some stuff Drupal does and Wordpress also does with some little tweaks :)

| > Permalink handling is the kind of thing I believe should be taken off core
| > and moved to a community plugin, which would have high quality API
| > functions to allow us a lot of customizations and develop plugins to
| > enhance parts of it.
| >
| > This plugin would deal with conflict over different permalink plugins. And
| > have options to disable specific parts of permalink parsing.
| >
| > That would solve permormance issues. If some parsing code is expensive,
| > just disable it and hook your own, with only the code to deal with your
| > specific need.
| If it *had* to become more of a Core Plugin then fine, I guess I'd have to
| go with that, but I'm still quite positive that a few things here and there
| just need to be changed (maybe upgraded, or rewritten) and maybe some extra
| options that'd cover the second part of what you're on about. Whatever
| options aren't being used, well they'll not show in the rewrite rules, and
| vice versa, if something in the options is checked, it will show in the
| rewrite rules?
| That could, or I imagine, would be a possibility!

Let's say a site that has no pages and has categories in higher priority than normal (remember those themes that list categories 
instead of pages in menu), then we don't need to add pages to URL parsing.

A plugin could be developed to solve that need, removing page parsing, removing pages reference from admin UI and so on. And of 
course removing cat base, and everything would be set.

Also, imagine I wanna use a totally different structure, or just use permalinks in a way they can't be organized even in a few 
structures, so parsing is not usable at all.

In Wordpress that would mean use Custom Permalink plugin, and set custom permalinks to all posts, categories and maybe even tags 
(yeah I know :P ).

I've not checked Custom Permalink code so much to know it, but I BELIEVE it runs after the whole rewrite_rule code has run, maybe 
even when everything else fails and 404 is about to be generated. I don't even know, if my guess is wrong plz correct me.

If that's how it works, and custom permalinks would be used in every post, page, category and everything else, then the whole 
rewrite_rule code can be disabled, and let the plugin deal with everything. It it's not possible to be done, a lot of code will be 
run without need, making each page load slower worthlessly.

Now, in Drupal, URL Alias deals with resource => alias with a simple page, very clean and cheap. Just don't install Pathauto and 
you're done.

Even better, leave Pathauto there. It only runs when a post is being published, when it's loaded only URL Alias does the simple 
database query. :)

In a Wordpress x Drupal permalink dealing, both have their goods and bads. But it's easier to implement Wordpress advantages over 
Drupal than do the opposite. :(

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