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| Bottom line, a site publisher will be better off if they have control to
| optimize their URL structure.  One of WordPress' biggest current
| weaknesses is the difficulty of control URL structure.

I agree with that.

Wordpress advantage is that, if we wanna change permalink structure, we can do so once and get all our pages updated, and with the 
help of a plugin also have old permalinks 301 redirected to new ones.

But that also makes it harder to get our permalinks the way we want. Drupal's URL Alias is clean and simple, and Pathauto enhances 
it for what we need. Its problem is that, when Pathauto generated permalink is not what we want, then we must type our desired 

Currently I'm using scategory to have the category I want in my post pernalinks, and custom permalink to have anything I want when 
default permalink is not desired.

scategory is the only plugin I know that really makes us able to use categories in permalinks, and it's bugged leaving me stuck on 
version 0.3.0 with no support.

Permalink handling is the kind of thing I believe should be taken off core and moved to a community plugin, which would have high 
quality API functions to allow us a lot of customizations and develop plugins to enhance parts of it.

This plugin would deal with conflict over different permalink plugins. And have options to disable specific parts of permalink 

That would solve permormance issues. If some parsing code is expensive, just disable it and hook your own, with only the code to 
deal with your specific need.

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