[wp-hackers] alternative taxonomy to relate users to pages

Bjorn Wijers burobjorn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 14:34:07 UTC 2010

@logikal16: Not sure if Marcel mentioned it but we're using Wordpress Mu
and afaik Pods is a plugin for Wordpress and does not work with WP MU.
Or does it? Sitewide?

@Mike: How would you propose that this would be part of the taxanomies?
I'm all for adding this to the core, but perhaps it would be better if
we build it using a plugin first so we can test it and easily work out
the kinks.

Btw if any of you have any hints or tips for how to offer this as patch
for WP core, please let us know since my personal experience in getting
patches noticed (let alone accepted) is not that good and therefore I'm
a bit hesitant in investing time in something that might be never
noticed nor discussed.


> Give the Pods plugin a try.
> It handles everything you've mentioned thus far (relate post, page,
> user to anything), plus many-to-many relationships.
> </biased>
> On Feb 10, 6:48 am, anyb... at nobodyhere.com wrote:
>> I'd like to relate users to pages and post, which isn't supported by
>> taxonomies.
>> Eventually I'd like to relate anything (user, post, page etc) to anything.
>> I couldn't find an existing plugin, so I decided to write my own.
>> But before I start coding, I'd appreciate some feedback.
>> After reading Murray Woodman
>> (http://murraywoodman.com/355/wordpress-taxonomies) I'm considering the
>> following mysql table structure:
>> - id
>> - subject_id
>> - subject_type (user/page/post/comment)
>> - predicate_id
>> - object_id
>> - object_type
>> - id
>> - title (e.g. "is part of", "likes")
>> - slug (e.g. "part_of", "likes")
>> Any suggestions?
>> Marcel van der Drift
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