[wp-hackers] Help on editing MASSIVE draft posts

Wayne Clayton michianashopper at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 20:41:57 UTC 2010

I have a client who just installed a plugin ( a week ago) that apparently
scrapes article sites and Youtube (along with comments) and he has created a
mess for himself. He plugged in about 30 keywords and (fortunately) set it
to show as a dradt in his WP dashboard. He now has 322 articles as draft and
over 8000 comments. He does want to keep a number of articles and videos
that came up...but it waaaay to much to go theu screen by screen.

I need to get this cleaned up for him somehow this weekend...is there any
advice or steps you'd suggest I go thru to get the dashboard back in
pre-scraper shape? I think I can edit it in phpMyAdmin..altho' I am not that
familiar with it. Agian ANY advice ot help (short of bipping him in the
head) would be greatly appreciated.


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