[wp-hackers] Address and name used in notification messages

Lynne Pope lynne.pope at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 16:08:18 GMT 2009

2009/6/27 Simon Blackbourn <piemanek at gmail.com>

> So following on from Jennifer's reply, it seems that the install screen
> could have three inputs instead of the current two, with short helper text
> after each:
>  - Blog Title (the name of your blog)
>  - Blog Email (the email address that will be used for sending notification
> messages, password reminders, etc)
>  - Administrator Email (the email address assigned to your administrator
> user account)
> Then somewhere in the Codex documentation something like: "Please ensure
> that Blog Email addresses are valid. If notification messages don't get
> delivered, please contact your hosting company for advice."
> That way WordPress is clearly putting the onus on the hosting company for
> email delivery, which is as I believe it should be, because as far as I can
> tell there is in fact no 'bug' in WordPress (as is mentioned in trac ticket
> 5007).

Seems reasonable but one tip that should be in the admin screen itself is
that many hosts don't allow phpmailer at all and require SMTP.  This is
increasingly common and confuses the heck out of users when they can't
figure out why mail just doesn't work.  This isn't really a hosting company
issue either since phpmailer is notoriously insecure.
(Luckily there is a plugin for using SMTP mail transport ;) )


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