Replacing class="alignright" etc Was: Re: [wp-hackers] Linking stylesheet to RSS feeds

Lynne Pope lynne.pope at
Wed Jun 17 13:59:02 GMT 2009

2009/6/17 Eric Marden <wp at>

> On Jun 17, 2009, at 3:34 AM, Lynne Pope wrote:
>  Inline styles apply only to the element they are set on. They take
>> precedence over everything else in the cascade. Its impossible to style
>> pseudo-elements and -classes with inline styles and impossible to override
>> them in external CSS.
> You can override them with the !important flag, but I wouldn't really
> recommend it unless required.

True - I should have said, "impossible to do without messing a lot of other
things up" ;)

The !important modifier does indeed override inline styles - in browsers
that support it. IE6 doesn't and IE7 can't handle it if its used with
elements, eg, I routinely use :
#commentform input[type="submit"], #commentform input[type="reset"]{
Any !important modifier used to target HTML elements is ignored by IE7.

Using the modifier also overrides user styles and browser styles, which can
have a serious impact on accessibility.

Like Simon, this is one of my pet peeves about plugins. I strip the CSS from
all plugins that I use and this often results in me having to hack the code,
just to get the plugin to work with my themes. Best practise should be NO


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