Replacing class="alignright" etc Was: Re: [wp-hackers] Linking stylesheet to RSS feeds

Simon Wheatley simon at
Wed Jun 17 08:14:59 GMT 2009

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 9:03 AM, Eric Marden <wp at> wrote:

> You can override them with the !important flag, but I wouldn't really
> recommend it unless required.
...and if you think it is required, think again just to check it actually
is. You might be better increasing the specificity of your rules [1].

Ugh, I had to style a plugin (which shall remain nameless) the other week
and it's built in CSS seemingly had !important at the end of every line,
which then infected my CSS (to override it I had to start adding !important
everywhere) and the whole thing ended up looking like a dogs breakfast.



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