[wp-hackers] How can I filter on post count for categories?

L'Autre Monde autremonde75 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 22:32:31 GMT 2009


To be clear, I am currently developping a ticket system based on Wordpress.
So I created a custom type "ticket". I have customized the admin to include
this new type and duplicated the post editor with some restrictions.

The idea behind that is that I wanted to keep wordpress built-in features 
I didn't want to tweak the post editor. So I added another menu from scratch
with the same functionnalities as the post editor with custom fields.

Now that my admin I/F looks ok, I need to be able to bring the tickets with
the posts together on the front end. It works pretty well with some 
on the wp_query however I am stuck on this category counter ;)

I will try the suggestion from Austin, thanks ;)



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> Olivier:
> While I haven't drilled down yet to do this I think custom post types 
> could be a really important addition to WP either as a plugin or  better 
> yet to core. As there are so many assumptions in WordPress that  assume 
> "post" that doing as a plugin will be an uphill battle which is  why it 
> would really need to be in core.  If not in core too many other  plugins 
> won't support the notion of custom post types.
> I have a plugin I'm using for custom URLs that would fits well with 
> custom post types. It's not yet ready to be released because it  doesn't 
> yet have an admin console interface and also because it still  has a lot 
> of areas where it is not robust but I have been using it  with the More 
> Fields plugin which gives kind of a psuedo-custom post  types capability.
> Anyway, the reason I email is to ask why not use More Fields because  it 
> works albeit not using wp_posts->post_type but instead wp_postmeta-
> >option_name="mf_post_type", and also to see how many other people
> are interested in a custom post types in core?
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> On Jun 3, 2009, at 1:16 PM, L'Autre Monde wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am currently writing a plugin which creates a custom post type.  When 
>> the category list widget is displayed, the number of posts per 
>> categories only includes the posts with a post type of "post". Also,  if 
>> a category only has the customer post type, it isn't listed as it  is 
>> seen as an empty one.
>> I have tried to filter on the get_category and list_cats to modify  the 
>> category->count for the category but it doesn't work :(
>> Any idea for this please? :)
>> Cheers!
>> Olivier
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