[wp-hackers] Need A Hook (or advice)

Garett Harnish garett at harnish.ca
Mon Feb 27 20:47:06 GMT 2006

I need a way for a plugin to add a page to wp_list_pages.   I know no 
hook exists to do this, and the only way I can think of duplicating this 
functionality is ugly.

I could have the plugin insert a page into the blog, but I just need the 
page listed, I don't want it to be displayed like page.  I want the 
contents to be PHP code from the plugin and I want the page to remove 
itself if the plugin has been disabled (since it won't work).

The other option is to have the user manually make the changes, but I 
don't like that either.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?  I want the user to have to do 
as few things as humanly possible (since it minimizes the risk of them 
messing it up).


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