[wp-hackers] got stuck with a plugin

Gerhard Brauckmann gerhard at gbrauckmann.de
Mon Feb 27 12:33:01 GMT 2006

dear wp hackers and fans,

I got stuck in developing my plugin and I'm now searching for ideas.
_ I finished the plugin to work within the dashboard, it can handle 
serveral pages to deal with the data
- the data is all externally fetched and stored, so it is not part of 
the wp-db tableset
- all dashboard functions are working

now I'm searching for input on how to design the plugin-links which will 
be produced by one plugin function.
inside sidebar I'm producing links to the external data like this:


my question is now:

how can I force WP to open for this LINK type:
- a whole new template page
- or an existing template and pass the *attribute data* to this template 
for further process?

any idea or documentation to this will be helpful
thx an greetings from bavaria
*Gerhard Brauckmann*

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