[wp-hackers] Inline documentation

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Thu Feb 16 01:19:03 GMT 2006

Evan Broder wrote:
> Another thought: it would make sense to use formatting that could be 
> extracted with doxygen or whatever equivalent there is for PHP. That 
> way, we could go create webpages with searchable documentation on all of 
> the functions. I know that when I'm trying to trace a problem through 
> the core, it's always a pain to find all of the various functions in the 
> source.

PHPDoc is reasonably well supported, and both PHP Documentor and PHPXref 
can extract documentation in that format.

I keep a copy of Xref output at http://redalt.com/xref updated from SVN 
twice daily (as do a couple of other folks).  If PHPDoc comments found 
their way into the source, they would appear instantly whenever the Xref 
is regenerated.

More info is available on PHP Documentor at http://www.phpdoc.org/

A copy of Xref docs for Xaraya are at 
in case anyone wants to see what PHPDoc looks like and how it appears 
after it's parsed by PHPXref.


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