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Wed Feb 15 23:49:41 GMT 2006

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Alex King wrote:
> Why re-invent the wheel then there is already FeedCreator out there
> (which would give us support for more formats to boot)?
> Cheers,
> --Alex

Yeah, I hadn't looked at FeedCreator when I put together the WPFeed class, but they are similar.
Unfortunately, it would seem that getting FeedCreator into shape with WordPress would require
significant changes, removing lots of unnecessary code and replacing it with WordPress calls, which
wouldn't be beneficial to the FeedCreator project.  You'd end up hacking it so much that you'd lose
the benefit of using an existing class for reliability and proven-ness.  It also seems to miss out
some elements that are in the WordPress feeds (though of course they could just be added).  Finally,
it isn't extensible at all, in the sense that supported feed types are hard coded with a switch
statement - limiting the benefits of what an OOP solution can do.  Runtime binding to a variable
class using PHP's ability to do 'new $mything ()' is a much more elegant solution.

Anyway, I know this isn't such a popular idea, so I'm going to leave it, but I still think a
class-based solution, even if it isn't my suggestion, is the way to go.  I think DOM generating
would be best, now that I actually understand what Owen originally suggested.  The current situation
though, in my opinion, is not ideal.



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