[wp-hackers] Filter Hooks for Enclosures

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I mean, if we aren't supposed to be looking where we can usefully apply 
pre-existing, tested open-source code to enhance WP, just because existing 
code is (potentially) smaller or faster, then using Magpie (and Snoopy!), 
TinyMCE, dbx, Squirrel's pop3, Inutio's xmlrpc, and other libs sure have 
been bad choices! ;)

I don't think I had realized (until I just looked) how many big chunks of 
'third party' code we rely upon...  And some cool stuff!  I doubt plugin 
writers (like myself) truly know more than a fraction of what power is under 
the hood of existing code.

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| Why re-invent the wheel then there is already FeedCreator out there
| (which would give us support for more formats to boot)?
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| On Feb 15, 2006, at 5:48 AM, Jamie Talbot wrote:
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| > structure and the rationale for it.
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