[wp-hackers] Category Operation (Adjacency vs. Modified Preorder)

Evan Broder wp at ebroder.net
Sat Feb 11 17:54:30 GMT 2006

I'm not sure that I see the sense in using modified preorder for WP 

It seems that the only thing we gain is the ability to count the number 
of children any given node has. However, it becomes significantly more 
difficult to loop through, say, the top level categories.

It's quite probable that I just haven't completely wrapped by head 
around the modified preorder, but it seems like it causes more problems 
that it solves. For example, there's the whole easy corruptibility, but 
it also complicates any attempts to change the order categories are 
sorted in and stuff like that.

Like I said, I probably just still miss the inner beauty of the modified 
preorder, but it seems like we'd be better off sticking to the adjacent 

- Evan

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