[wp-hackers] Category Operation (Adjacency vs. Modified Preorder)

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Sat Feb 11 17:31:49 GMT 2006

Well, without some real atomic operation, uncancellable by the user, lots of 
problems could occur throughout the entire system... ;)

Some ideas for this one:
- spawn the thing that does the update in another script, so user can't muck 
it up.
- have the update script use some kind of lock file, in order to try to keep 
atomicity of its operations.

Just me, randomly writing without thinking... :)

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> > sql tree preordering works nice, but imho implementing them without
> > transactions and triggers is really asking for trouble.
> I suppose performing an index check after every insert/update
> might be a bit excessive .. or would it?

Technically, you can live with a corrupt tree, but you cannot trust any math
to make assumptions on its contents.

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