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Lately I hear about releases after the fact. It seems there is minimal notice on this list for release dates - unless I sift through all the posts with obscure subject headings, I might be able to find hints here and there. A tiny announcement of release date would be helpful for everyone.

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  > your plugins.  Most plugins are unmaintained, however.  Most plugin 
  > authors do not follow the hackers list, and they wait until after a 
  > release to update their plugins.  That's too late.

  Mmm.... Plugin authors wait until after a release to update their plugins...
  Now, let me see... A 3 day advance notice (before Christmas!) for WP 2. No
  advance notice that I can think of for WordPress 2.0.1. Pardon, but I am
  laughing out loud.

  Giving a notice two weeks before WP updates occur will solve most of the
  problems. Call it a 'public beta' stage, whatever you want. For plugins that
  are actively maintained by their authors, this makes all the difference in
  the world. For plugins who are abandonned, keeping them in a repository
  makes this worse, since you end up maintaining a mess created by others.


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