[wp-hackers] Simplicity in 2.next

Ryan Duff ryan at ryanduff.net
Wed Feb 8 01:38:52 GMT 2006

Jason S. wrote:
> Ryan Boren wrote:
>> Owen Winkler wrote:
>>> What are the benefits of the official plugin infrastructure beyond
>>> hosting?  When talking about promotion, are we talking about promoting
>>> the plugins or their authors?  How does that happen?
>> If a plugin in wp-plugins needs to be updated to work with a new
>> release, the crack team of plugin gardeners can fix it and commit the
>> change.  I can't fix a plugin that lives in a repository to which I do
>> not have committ access.  That's the main advantage from my point of view.
>> So, if we have to break some compatibility during a WP development
>> cycle, I can write a script that crawls across the wp-plugins repository
>> looking for plugins that need to be updated.  When we bust post_status
>> up into post_status and post_type, for example, this ability will be
>> very handy.  I can see what the impact on plugins will be.
> As a developer, I hate this idea.
> As an end-user, I love it.
> What a conundrum :(.


I don't think its a wise idea to just jump in and edit someone else's 
plugin to make it compatible again. Automation in this means can tend to 
break things and outweighs its good intentions.

Changes are best left to the hackers list where plugin devs can be 
notified of the changes and instructed how the change affects how their 
plugins work.

Ryan Duff
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