[wp-hackers] Simplicity in 2.next

Jason S. jason at zenenet.com
Wed Feb 8 01:29:19 GMT 2006

Ryan Boren wrote:
> Owen Winkler wrote:
>> What are the benefits of the official plugin infrastructure beyond
>> hosting?  When talking about promotion, are we talking about promoting
>> the plugins or their authors?  How does that happen?
> If a plugin in wp-plugins needs to be updated to work with a new
> release, the crack team of plugin gardeners can fix it and commit the
> change.  I can't fix a plugin that lives in a repository to which I do
> not have committ access.  That's the main advantage from my point of view.
> So, if we have to break some compatibility during a WP development
> cycle, I can write a script that crawls across the wp-plugins repository
> looking for plugins that need to be updated.  When we bust post_status
> up into post_status and post_type, for example, this ability will be
> very handy.  I can see what the impact on plugins will be.

As a developer, I hate this idea.
As an end-user, I love it.

What a conundrum :(.

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