[wp-hackers] Simplicity in 2.next

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Mon Feb 6 22:05:29 GMT 2006

Podz wrote:
> Ryan Boren wrote:
>>>For the next version ? Test the hell out of the upgrade - there are an
>>>awful lot of people who experienced problems in this upgrade and the
>>>WSOD as mentioned here before hasn't helped.
>>Were there any upgrade problems not attributable to a plugin?  Every one
>>I saw was attributable to a plugin that tripped over 1 of 2 small fixes
>>that broke some expectations.
> You are probably right - but those 2 small fixes caused a lot of posts :)

They needed to be fixed though.  We have enough plugins to make any 
change to the core likely to break one of them.

If someone wants to go through wp-plugins.org and test every plugin with 
each release, I'll try to fix any breakage found.  Vigilance over the 
plugin repository coupled with firefox style extension management would 
go a long way toward reducing plugin problems.  That's a real solution. 
  Automatically deactivating all plugins during upgrade and requiring 
manual reactivation is not a real solution.  That will guarantee 
everyone is annoyed rather than just a subset of people.


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