[wp-hackers] Development for 2.next

Michael E. Hancock mhancock at us.net
Sun Feb 5 18:45:09 GMT 2006

From: "Ryan Boren" <ryan at boren.nu>
> What else?

Author, User, Usermeta, Profile, Cleanup

* Deprecate various 'the_author_xx' functions and replace with just
the_author() and get_the_author()
Change the two functions the_author() and get_the_author() to replace all
the other 'the_author_xx' functions.  Also, make those two functions support
any usermeta field that might be subsequently added.


Functions to deprecate
get_the_author_aim(), get_the_author_description(), get_the_author_email(),
get_the_author_firstname(), get_the_author_icq(), get_the_author_ID(),
get_the_author_lastname(), get_the_author_login(), get_the_author_msn(),
get_the_author_nickname(), get_the_author_url(), get_the_author_yim(),
the_author_aim(), the_author_description(), the_author_email(),
the_author_firstname(), the_author_icq(), the_author_ID(),
the_author_lastname(), the_author_login(), the_author_msn(),
the_author_nickname(), the_author_url(), the_author_yim()

* Move all appropriate fields from user to usermeta table
Finish moving remaining fields, such as user_email, from user table to

* Standardize usermeta meta_key designations
For example there is 'first_name' but then capabilities uses the database
prefix so it's 'dbprefix_capabilities'.  Either don't use the prefix or use
the prefix for all fields.  Of course, I don't understand why capabilities
and user_level needed the database prefix prepended to begin with ;)

* Add this "Dynamic Profile Page" plugin suggested by Owen  ;)
--Remove the three existing fields from the profile page.
--Replace them with a more dynamic form that allows users to specify the
IM/comm service from a dropdown, and then provide their ID in a box.
--Provide a fixed number of these (or start with one and create more via
Ajax!) on the profile page.
--Provide a set of functions for retrieving these values in the template.
originally suggested in

* Delete functions previously deprecated
Examples are the_category_ID(), the_category_head(), the_weekday(), and


Michael E. Hancock

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