[wp-hackers] pingomatic problem?

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Fri Feb 3 19:04:15 GMT 2006

A user of my subscribe2 plugin just emailed me, complaining that any
post to his blog _after_ the first post resulted in a long delay.  If
the user logged out after posting his first item, then logged in again,
his next post would proceed as normal with no delay (but posts after
this would be slow -- lather, rinse, repeat).

This user suspected my subscribe2 plugin, but could not articulate why.
 Diagnosis involved trying to load other admin screens after posting
before going back to Write to post a subsequent item.  This did not
work.  Finally, the user shared the following error with me:

Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\Inetpub\[website
name]\wp-includes\class-IXR.php on line 513

I had him remove rpc.pingomatic.com from his update services list, and
successive posts went through lickety split.

Is pingomatic employing some sort of throttle to prevent DOS attacks?
If so, is there a published value for the delay between successive posts
that I might point my user toward?  Or can that value be posted here?
Or, is there something else at work?


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