[wp-hackers] Simplified Upgrade Process

Scott johnson fuzzygroup at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 18:53:45 GMT 2006

Whoa!  like that scares me and will, almost certainly, by definition
break incoming links.  I use wordpress to power my blog site but I
have other files I ftp up like my resume which I can't format well in
WP (my fault not WP's).

I don't know the history of this list well so if this has been covered
before, smack me with a wet noodle but major system upgrades are
basically fairly rare.  This one is painful because WP 2.0 is only a
month ago.  One thing that I've seen is that installing plugins /
themes is non trivial for non geeks.  If installation is really your
interest isn't installing plugins and themes easier a better focus?

*girds self for wet noodle slappage*


On 2/1/06, Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net> wrote:
> Chris Lott wrote:
> > If deleting is going to be the norm, perhaps there needs to be some
> > jiggering of filenames and locations to make it easier to nuke an
> > existing installation while leaving the four or five folders and files
> > necessary alone. Change the prefix of the keeper folders and files
> > from wp- to wpk- or something? Then one could just nuke wp-*
> > recursively and be done with it.
> Move _everything_ out of the WordPress root except wp-config.php
> perhaps?  Then, just delete all sub-directories _except_ /wp-content/
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