[wp-hackers] Adding user options pages

Mark Quinn mmq at dekinai.com
Sun Jul 24 21:18:45 GMT 2005

I'm working on an OpenID authentication plugin for Wordpress. The plugin 
would allow registers users to associate URLs with their accounts, and 
then login by proving ownership of those URLs using OpenID instead of 
using the standard username and password authentication.
    I'm fine with creating a new table to store the URLs and what userid 
they're associated with, but I also need to give the user an interface 
to manage these URLs. Is there a way to add an extra user options page, 
like you can with admin options? As far as I can tell, there is no hook 
for it. I get the feeling that this is coming in 1.6 (with the new 
usermeta stuff?), but it doesn't seem like it is in the repository yet. 
If there is going to be a hook, does anybody know what/where it will be 
yet? This is part of a google summer of code project, so I can't wait 
for 1.6, but I would like to mimic its interface as closely as possible 
if I have to patch the 1.5 core code.

Mark Quinn

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