[wp-hackers] Future of WordPress MU

Frank Naude naudefj at telkomsa.net
Sun Jul 24 19:45:23 GMT 2005

Thank you for the reply. Personally I would prefer one product, similar to 
MovableType. Anyway, I will continue my discussions on the WPMU forum when it 
is available again.

Best regards.


On Sunday 24 July 2005 21:03, Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
> Frank Naude wrote:
> > Does anyone know how WordPress MU (http://mu.wordpress.org/) will evolve
> > in future?
> You should read this entry and participate on their forums:
> http://mu.wordpress.org/blog/2005/06/mu-progress/
> > Will it eventually be integrated into standard WP? What is the expected
> > timeframe before it would be stable enough for production use?
> Stable is relative. MU and WordPress will always be separate products
> because they have very separate audiences.

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