[wp-hackers] 500 euros for WP + plugins

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Mon Jul 11 11:04:38 GMT 2005

Denis de Bernardy wrote:

>Also, GPL terms make WP derives and plugins virally GPL except in a
>borderline case mentionned in the GPL FAQ. When a plugin can't work out of
>the box without WP function calls and WP data structures, it is clearly not
>in said borderline case. I tend to think this is where you draw the line,
>short of making every software GPL.
But--and I realize you haven't argued against what I am to claim--one 
must respect the stated license accorded to a plugin by its developer 
until there is a court case or suchlike that establishes said 
plugin/theme under the GPL. The GPL FAQ is just one organization's view 
of what the GPL compels.

It would be quite unfair for WP to have an API for external tools, and 
then virally clamp onto any usage of its API with its own license.


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