[wp-hackers] 500 euros for WP + plugins

Denis de Bernardy denis at semiologic.com
Mon Jul 11 10:55:54 GMT 2005

Long thread... I'd like to thank you all for the positive feedback.

A few answers.

> David said:
> I think WP would have benefited more if Denis had developed
> this within the community.

Technically, I have: The package is mostly wp-plugins.net noise filtered,
with extras that are available on the web as downloads or code snippets. And
you can download the bulk of the package for free on my site.

Regarding software communities, I had these few thoughts last April:


> David said:
> I've been thinking about this for well over a year now, and I'm really 
> torn by it. If more people donated (thanks to those that have!!), it 
> wouldn't be a question

Try this trick:

Create a notify list to send users email notification when an update is
available. Be explicit that only those who make a more donation will receive
proper and timely update notifications. Don't forget to add any or all bug
fix contributors -- they donated time.

Then, post your notifications in WP the forums as usual. But strip them of a
few key details. Make it obvious that there is a bonus in gretting email
notifications -- I personally add tips and deep links. And you will see your
donation rate increase.

I haven't gone as far as detailing the benefits of the email notifications
on a sell page, but I suspect the resulting donation rate increase can be
significant. And with enough subscribers, you can of course sell ads on your
notify list.

> Amit said:
> those words imply that he's selling WP+Plugins+Themes which he can't 
> as per GPL

As a complement to Mark's answer: I suspect you were confusing GPL and
intellectual property laws. IP laws are so that you cannot claim ownership
for something that is copyright someone else.

My wording implies no such thing. I'm just selling a WP+Plugins+Themes
package. Trade is about packaging products together as a new product. And
the free software foundation's very purpose is to ensure you are free to
trade software.

To answer the license-related questions that were raised in the thread:

GPL and CC-By terms mandate that I provide my customers with source code
under the same terms I acquired it. Which I of course do. End-users hardly
care, however. The only thing they do care about with respect to license
terms is on the page: 'The full package will let you install any number of
web sites'.

Also, GPL terms make WP derives and plugins virally GPL except in a
borderline case mentionned in the GPL FAQ. When a plugin can't work out of
the box without WP function calls and WP data structures, it is clearly not
in said borderline case. I tend to think this is where you draw the line,
short of making every software GPL.

Denis de Bernardy

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