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Amit Gupta amit at igeek.info
Sat Jul 9 23:11:02 GMT 2005

On Sat, 09 Jul 2005 "Eric Pierce" <epierce at usf.edu> wrote:
> I believe that if all of the copy-right holders agreed, then the current code base
> could be transferred to a different license.  The reason that is VERY unlikely to
> happen is that it would be nearly impossible to get that many people to agree to
> change the license.  The GPL'd components would also have to be replaced by licensed
> code or be rewritten from scratch.
> In addition, this license change would only affect distribution of the code after the
> change date.  All code that was distributed before the change would still be under
> the GPL and could be modified and redistributed by anyone.  Basically what would
> happen is that the project would fork and the new fork would be under a non-GPL
> license.  The GPL'd version could still be maintained by anyone that wanted to work on it.

lol, I think you went too far with forking etc., I was merely asking if the license of WordPress can be changed, I think I should've asked, if the license of a GPLed software can be changed, instead of pointing at WordPress. But thanks for the explanation anyway.

Thanks to everyone who explained bits and pieces to me, that was good, helped me clear out a lot of misconceptions I had with/about GPL. :)

Amit Gupta

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