[wp-hackers] REQUEST_URI fix in wp-settings.php doesn't work

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Sat Jul 2 15:51:38 GMT 2005

I saw Mike just changed the test to empty().  But, I'm not sure if that's valid or not... I'm trying to remember an early conversation with Matt or someone when we originally fixed up that test, and I'm trying to recall if there was a reason isset was used (i.e., the field could validly be empty?).  Anyway, if anyone recalls why !isset() was used instead of empty() in the first place, feel free to comment.  Otherwise, have a happy 4th for those of you in the US. ;)

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  The REQUEST_URI fix for the IIS in the wp-settings.php for IIS doesn't seem to work as I'm running WP1.5.1.3 on IIS6 with PHP installed as ISAPI. The reason for failure is because $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] is being checked if it is set or not. But the thing is that $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] is set, though its empty, thus the IF block wasn't executed as it was only checking whether its set or not.

  as a result, some plugins using REQUEST_URI will not work as well as any other WP features that make use of REQUEST_URI.

  I've filed a ticket at the trac

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