[wp-hackers] A thought about wp-rss2.php

Luc Saint-Elie lstelie at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 11:57:15 GMT 2005

2005/7/1, Roy Schestowitz <r at schestowitz.com>:
> I can foresee this heading towards the religious war between supporters of
> browsers and supporters of feed readers.


Starting a flame war was very far from my intention.
I don't know if RSS is good or bad, and to be honest I really don't
care (as long as my readers are happy with the content I publish the
way they access it is their problem not mine).

My 50% RSS readers use RSS.. because they find it more convenient (for
reason that I don't feel the need to judge).
By the way "RSS" is no more and for a pretty long time the opposite of
In my case a lot of people access the content first by RSS then if the
subject fits, they connect the site and react, most (if not all ) RSS
readers allow this very easily.
In some cases (NetNewsWire on Mac OS X, (#3 in the browsers lists for
my site) you can event post a comment from the RSSreader interface.

You can see it in real life  there :
What you see in this screenshot is a post from my site viewed with
NetNewsWire. in the center of the red circle is the link to comments,
clicking on it open in the rssreader the page ready to be commented.
So as you see "RSS vs Interactivity" is an outdated point of view.

If I don't care about RSS been good or bad, I do car about WP as the
best tool, I really love it. And to stay the best publishing tool WP
will have at some time  to rethink its RSS strategy. It was my point.

RSS stuff is so complicated  and so badly handled by all blogging
package that new services are poping up like feedburner whose only
purpose is to handle for you the RSS stuff.. strange situation..


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