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Tue Mar 20 22:59:01 UTC 2012

#28: Update WPTestUserCapabilities
 Reporter:  kurtpayne     |      Owner:  kurtpayne
     Type:  defect        |     Status:  new
 Priority:  minor         |  Milestone:  Fix existing Tests
Component:  Capabilities  |    Version:
 Keywords:                |
 There are three failures with WPTestUserCapabilities

 1) WPTestUserCapabilities::test_role_add_cap
 Failed asserting that false is true.


 2) WPTestUserCapabilities::test_role_remove_cap
 Failed asserting that true is false.


 3) WPTestUserCapabilities::test_user_remove_all_caps
 Failed asserting that '' is null.


 Failure 1 and 2 can be fixed by a change in `_flush_roles`.  The original
 code was commented out in r199 because of a fatal error.  The patch works
 now, though.

 Failure 3 can be fixed by changing the assertion from `assertNull` to
 `assertEmpty`.  This was changed with WP #15458.

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