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#49: Need a way to force known bugs
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Comment (by bpetty):

 It's possible to implement these as command line options using Phing,
 however, it's not going to be as elegant unfortunately. For example,
 `"phing -DWP_DEBUG"` would be equivalent to `"php wp-test.php -d"`. On the
 other hand, it doesn't have to be the same name as the actual constant, so
 it could be `"phing -Dd"` for debug, or `"phing -Ds"` for save queries,
 just as long as it doesn't conflict with the built-in properties:


 The bad news is that since PHP can't set environment variables, a custom
 Phing task would need to be written to dynamically build the PHPUnit XML
 file with the appropriate settings to configure the PHP constants right
 before running it.

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