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#55711: Introduce a function to determine whether a function can be called.
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Comment (by SergeyBiryukov):

 Replying to [comment:8 costdev]:
 > @jrf Well actually... I stand corrected 😂. I spend most of my Core dev
 time on PHP 7.4, so that explains my results. It's surprising to me that
 PHP 7.4 returns a different result for `function_exists()`, but that's a
 discussion for another forum.

 Hmm, I could not reproduce that on PHP 7.4.15. This is what the script
 above returns for me, same as on other PHP 7.x versions:
 "PHP 7.4"
 function_exists: false
 is_callable: true
 strpos/str_contains: 0

 As previously noted in comment:3:ticket:42085 and
 comment:116:ticket:51857, `function_exists()` can return `true` for
 disabled functions when Suhosin is in use, but I'm not aware of any other
 factors that might cause that:

 > Per the [https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.function-
 exists.php#67947 comments in the PHP manual], `function_exists()` should
 return `false` for functions disabled via `disable_functions` setting.
 > As also noted in comment:3:ticket:42085, it is possible for the
 `function_exists()` check to return `true` if Suhosin is in use. However,
 that would be an edge case, as Suhosin was only officially available for
 PHP 5.4 to 5.6, and its development was discontinued in 2015.
 > It's also worth noting that as of PHP 8, disabled functions can be
 redeclared. Unless the function is redeclared, `function_exists()` still
 returns `false`.
 > It looks like most of the instances in core where we need to check for a
 function that might be disabled just use a simple `function_exists()`

 So at the moment I'm not sure we need to do anything besides a
 `function_exists()` check here, that seems to be its intended purpose.

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