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#54042: Extending wpdb::prepare() to support table/field names, and IN() operator
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Comment (by apokalyptik):

 Replying to [comment:31 craigfrancis]:

 > When you say "a single not-currently-used character", can you expand on

 Sure. The vsprintf format string
 [https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.vsprintf.php format] goes
 `%[argnum$][flags][width][.precision]specifier.` within this format each
 active piece of the format is exactly one character which is not reused
 between the hardcoded parts `%`, `%`, `.` and also the non-variable parts
 (that comprise `flags`, and `specifier`) with the only exception being `%`
 which the first `%` is escaping.

 This is why I felt that `%,d` fit better than `%...d`. `...` is both more
 than one character for an operation and also `.` is already used as the
 format signifier that the current version specification has entered
 defining `precision`

 > The `$arg_identifiers` are separate so I can easily
 db.php#L1641 escape them differently], and to trigger the "cannot be used
 for both String and Identifier escaping" error. As in, if someone tried to
 use the same value in both a string/number and identifier context (odd,
 but it might happen), because they cannot be escaped in the same way, I
 need to reject that, and ask them to provide the value twice, e.g.

 Right. I'm suggesting that a single array in the format of something like
 `$index[ $arg_id ] = array( $boolVariadic, $boolIdentifier[, ...] );`
 would let you 1) pull the data without doing an array value search with
 `in_array` (multiple times in some cases.) Just storing the metadata in a
 better indexed format like this removes the value searching.

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