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#55434: About Page for 6.0 Release
 Reporter:  webcommsat               |       Owner:  marybaum
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 Priority:  high                     |   Milestone:  6.0
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Comment (by fcoveram):

 I love how clean it looks. There are a few comments regarding text styles
 and layout.

 The spacing above and below the intro title and description, "Welcome to
 WordPress 6.0", seems big and pushes down the following content. I would
 apply a `64px` space above after the tabs and below before the first
 feature item.

 The description below “Welcome to WordPress 6.0” title is slightly small
 and bold due to font weight and line-height. In the mockup the text styles
 are font-size `23px`, line-height `160%`, and font-weight `300`. Also, I
 would center the alignment to match the heading above.

 The title in each feature looks too light compared to the design proposal.
 The mockup has   `Heading 3 bold` style for all these texts where the
 font-size is `26px` , line-height `37px` , and font-weight `700` (Bold).

 Body text looks a little bit small and semi-bold. The style in mockup is
 font-size `18px` line-height `28px`, and font-weight `300` (Regular).

 The bullets in the first feature section look a little bit tight. I would
 increase the margin-bottom double, `12px`.

 It seems that “More Template Choices” is implemented as two sections
 instead of one. The initial idea was to have a feature section divided
 into two rows with a smaller spacing, `48px`. The first row for the image
 and feature description, and the second row for the three columns with the
 feature details. The design handbook
 about-page/) does not allow this layout, so I wonder how possible it is to
 develop this.

 I just noticed the new bullet in the section mentioned. Do we have a
 tentative deadline for freezing the content? I still like the idea of sub-
 feature images in three columns, but four columns might require a new
 layout or eliminate the images and mirror the first feature section,
 “Enhanced Writing Experience.”

 I consider the “Additional Design Tools” a different section, as the
 features group and the “learn more” at the end. For that reason, I would
 apply the same spacing to divide these three sections. I tried `128px` in
 the browser inspector and it looks good.

 In the same area mentioned above, I would center the texts below icons to
 match the title and description legibility.

 The same layout of two rows applies in the “Learn more about WordPress
 6.0” section. The spacing between rows looks slightly large. I would apply
 a `64px` spacing in between.

 Please let me know what you think of my points and how feasible the
 implementation is.

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